Don’t Forget Furniture Cleaning

You’re probably looking to buy a Rustix chair or live-edge table because it’s strong, durable, and a piece of furniture that will reliably last a long time. It’s true, they’re very strong, but they aren’t invincible. You have to show a lot of TLC when using and cleaning this furniture. Keeping it looking strong, shiny, and free from permanent marks requires certain steps and habits.

But it’s not a difficult task! Whenever you eat, relax at the table, or do your housework, simple measures can keep your real wood furniture looking great. Make sure your solid wood furniture stays solid by following these directions!


Finishing The Wood

Putting a finish on the surface of the wood is an important step in keeping the table in great condition. An oil and wax finish can make the wood shine and protect it from small damage. Finishes usually take three weeks to cure, as you want the make sure the finish is dry and hard; if you need to use the table during this period, always use a coaster, regardless of the temperature.

Tips & Information

• Regularly keep the table clean, whether or not you’ve just had a meal on it. After any meals, clean with a soft cloth and water, using a mild soap for stains.

• Dust the furniture frequently with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Don’t go too long between dustings – buildup can create a film that can scratch the surface. Feather dusters are ok, but avoid scattering the particles in the air, as they can just settle down again.

• Don’t use cleaners on the tables! The soft cloth, water, and dust cloth will be adequate. The cleaners can damage the surface.

Keeping The Appropriate Environment

It’s important to treat the furniture carefully, but it’s not too hard!

• Hot items need coasters. Left directly on the wood, hot items can leave large stains that can irreparably ruin the surface.

• Protect your table top when writing. Never write on a piece of paper directly on the surface.

• Keep room humidity even to minimize wood movement.

• Move surface items regularly to keep even colour and minimize fading from sunlight.

Practicing small care habits means your furniture will keep its unique look and be free from preventable stains, chips, and creases. If you’re hesitant about stains and care, give us a call!

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