Explore Custom River Resin Tables

From social media fantasy to your home – Rustix river tables will bring your design dreams to life! Made from your favourite kind of wood, our river tables incorporate the natural live edges of local London trees right into the design. We then pour a liquid plastic resin to create the satisfying river effect. Just like the wood and the stain, you can choose how the river in your table will look, too. Don’t rush on your choice; we provide take-home samples of the various wood stains and resin colours to see how they’ll work in your home.

Live Edge River Tables Made To Order

The liquid plastic resin can laid be anywhere on the tabletop: to the side, on top, down the middle – it’s a fully customizable process. We work with you to make sure that the final look of your resin table is exactly how you envisioned it. The river table will fit right in everywhere in your home, but it’s especially great as the centrepiece in your living room. Come to the Rustix workshop with your river table vision and we’ll make it happen for you!

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